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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> candidates are hitting the campaign trail right here in pennsylvania. >> bernie sanders, he is also on the campaign trail today, here in the keystone state. >> i think it is really good because it represents. >> harriet tubman will be new face of the $0 bill. >> britain's queen elizabeth turns 90 years old. buckingham palace issued new photos to mark the occasion. >> this is a rare opportunity. >> eagles made a big bet on the the future with the block buster trade. >> they are drafting second for first time since 1999 when they took donovan mcnabb. >> mcdonald, shoots, scores. the flyers win two-one and they live to see another day. moving forward, moving forward indeed, the flyers will hit the ice tomorrow night in washington, for game number five. >> let's go flyers. >> hey katie. >> you said it. >> definitely looking at beautiful weather to go with
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that trip you might than making to d.c. lets look at what is happening here, so a chilly start, when we are looking at temperatures in the 40's, it is not terrible in rehoboth at boardwalk plaza. another view this morning of just quiet the weather out there hint of the the breeze is here on the sky deck, and storm scan three is thankfully empty but what that will do from the beautiful sunshine we had yesterday, even if we managed to build up heat in the atmosphere which we did a clear sky will let that heat go right backup to the atmosphere overnight. as a result, for some in the southeastern portion of the new jersey we have a frost advisory here for the next couple of hours here. do watch for that. you might to have thaw the windshield out but when the sun comes up it will do its part here. all they we are going to end up with, you know, certainly a chilly start. we will heat up quickly. expecting these temperatures to rebound nicely in the 70's. 73 degrees is where we expect to top off at 3:00 p.m. today was wall to wall sunshine.
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it does draw to a close at some point, notice clouds that start to build in at 7:00 p.m. that is the initial sign of things to come, presidentially our next storm system is pushing through in the form of a cold front. as it it does so it will be bringing with it our next round of rain. coming up later in the show i will break down not only details of that approaching front and what it brings to the area but more importantly the timing because that can have an impact on your day, right. >> it most certainly. good thing it is coming later tomorrow. it will not impact as katie said. that is good news. the right now on the roadways, roadways are nice and dry. it will be a gorgeous day out there but, we have a lot to talk about. construction out there and some accidents. accident here tractor trailer with injuries 422 eastbound near turnpike pulled off to the shoulder but now because volume levels are increasing a little bit the we are seeing more gaper delays as we go by those flashing lights causing break lights to go off. you can see it flowing around here now. vine all clear both moving in
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the west and eastbound direction looking good. maybe heating up ever so slight thely but looking good there. we have another accident this morning, glenn olden, a car hit a pole here chester pike at gardener avenue, fluid and debris in roadway. definitely use caution in and around this area we have an update to the delaware memorial bridge we were dealing with yesterday and we will be dealing with it again today, two southbound, right lanes, they are now opened, yesterday, leaving you down to one drivable lane, forcing everyone to go over the commodore barry bridge. it is a headache for everyone. it will be a headache again for everyone. we have two drivable lanes. we have speed restrictionness place for 35 miles an hour. so certainly give yourself some extra time, jim, over to you. now to the latest on the campaign trail. >> the republicans are campaigning across pennsylvania, a head of tuesday's primary. the front runner donald trump will take his campaign to harrisburg today. john kasich is stumping hard for votes. he will be at a town hall on penn state's brandywine campus in media at a republican dinner in king of prussia
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yesterday, ted cruz met with supporters at a museum in hershey dauphin county. democratic candidates are also in the state, today bernie sanders will be campaigning in reading and oaks. meantime hillary clinton was pushing for votes right here in philadelphia yesterday. she made stops in spring garden and then spoke at fillmore in fishtown. former president bill clinton will be campaigning for his wife in harrisburg today. follow all of the candidates as they crisscross leading up to the tuesday's primary. go to cbs well, time is 5:34. in business news this morning disappointing news from mcdonald's. >> and what help the dow jones surge in trading yesterday? money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brook and jim. stocks continue to climb, dow jones is now 4 percent for year, better then expected earnings from american express push dow jones higher yesterday jumping 42 points.
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nasdaq rose seven. average price of the home has gone up and more of them are being sold. national association have of realtors found that the biggest jumps are in the northeast and midwest, nationwide, the median price marks near hi $223,000, an increase of 5.7 percent over a year ago. tech companies dominate a new list of the america's best paying employers taking 20 of the 25 spots that are in the top of the list. median worker google facebook and twitter all make over $150,000 a year, according to that stud friday glass dor but top paying company is at, company based in chicago, vees ace only finance related company to make the list. that hepp of all you can eat mcdonald's fries is officially over. mcdonald's is stopping reports that it is testing the all you can eat option saying it the is just part of the single pre motion geared around a missouri restaurant opening this summer. lex will let customers place order in digital kiosks, all
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you can eat fries still just a dream, brook and jim. >> thanks a lot. like it or hate it, eagles are making a big splash ahead of this month nfl draft. >> bird and browns engineered a blockbuster trade. pat gallen is here telling us what they are thinking and it is costing them. >> it is big but it is all about a super bowl. michael vick could not get them there kevin kolb certainly didn't. nick foles showed promise but he never could. sam bradford hasn't been able to but he still has a chance. it has been 11 years and counting since eagles have been to the super bowl and with yesterday's trade they believe they will compete for one with years to come. here are details. bird sent 21st rounders to the cleveland browns and second, third and fourth over the next three drafts, that said, no matter who they take eagles gm howie roseman says sam bradford is still their starting quarterback for at least this upcoming season bureaus man believes they can
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compete the for a long time with this group of quarterbacks which they will add too. >> in the near future we have an opportunity to compete every year. that starts at the quarterback position. by us having the depth chart that we have we feel stronger at that position then we have in a very long time. >> cal's jared goff is expected to be the number one overall selection to the los angeles rams meaning it will be likely carson wentz to the eagles. number 22-year old, played at north dakota state. he is 6-foot 25, 237-pound and likened to ben roethlisberger because of his size and mobility. now on the surface this may seem like a lot for eagles to give up for a relative unknown out of the small school but many are saying wentz has tools to be great, and head coach doug pederson wants to groom a quarterback he can work with for many years what has been lacking for the eagles since that great run under andy reid? a top flight quarterback.
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they think they will get one a week from now at nfl draft. that is what it is all about finding a quarterback to bring you in the future. >> time will tell. >> former sooner, sam bradford >> stop it. >> villanova pavilion could soon get renovations thanks to the largest gift ever to villanova athletic. the 22.6 million-dollar, that is right, 22.6 million from alumni william finnerran is ear mark for continuation of the work on the home of the mens national the basketball champions. it will help support mens basketball program that brought home the school's second ever national championship earlier this month. she broke barriers in the world where outcomes are scripted but struggle is real. former wwe star chyna passed away at 46. her real name ways joan lure and once she left wrestling she started a reality show, she starred on reality show,
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the real wife's, celebrity rehab with doctor drew, authorities found her inside of her california home. they have not yet released a cause of death. >> very sad. well, scary scene in the day care when a car slams in the building. >> i was in the bathroom with the babies and then i heard a boom. >> that is not the only reason people are worried. potentially dangerous side of missing after the crash, coming up, jan? >> reporter: brook and jim, good morning. i'm hanging out in a human sized bubble as part of the philadelphia science festival, it starts officially tomorrow but we are getting, it ready to day to show you experiments not only to get kid excited but people excited about science and technology too. >> interesting. we hear at cbs-3 are counting down to mothers day and annual race for the cure this year. we are inviting you to come
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walk and run with our cbs-3 team. for more information on how you you can join us just go to cbs, we will be right back.
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♪ >> get ready to bring out your inner thomas he had sop or jane goodall, philadelphia science festival is kick nothing to high gear tomorrow. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at the franklin institute with the preview of the special exhibits. jan, it looks like you are having fun. >> reporter: jim and brook, good morning. how often do you get to stand in a giant bubble. it is just one example of the dozens of experiments that will be happening across philadelphia a over the next nine days. we're talking about the philadelphia science festival, and here to take us for a little bit of the funnies doctor fredrick burtly here, senior vp of science and education, kicking it off tonight, a big award ceremony. what are we talking about here. one of the longest science awards in the entire country. >> we are celebrating 192 years have recognizing the greatest men and women, albert
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einstein, et cetera, contributions to the science to our society in a major way. tonight we will be celebrating, will ruth y, one of the biggest questions are we on the moon in this great universe. what he has discovered over 5,000 earth-line planets that revolve around suns. >> that means we have partners in the universe. we discovered that. this is for example a star like our sun. so when a planet rolls around the star, it leaves a shadow mark and that is how you know there are other planets. incredible stuff. he will be join with other scientists here tonight in a red carpet black tie affair celebrating science right here at the franklin institute. >> reporter: it gets everybody excited about science, technology, and we have nine days of 90 plus experiments all across philadelphia a in the only to get kid pumped up but adults too. >> absolutely for sixth annual science festival we have over 90 events and nine day period you talk b everything from the largest astronomy night, tomorrow night, kicking it off
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with 30 different sites with chief astronomer derek pits, staring at telescope and incredible things finalizing our carnival april 30th at olde city. >> reporter: franklin institute does a great job getting kid excited but there are some adult experiments too. what are some of those things. >> a absolutely. we have all kind of things. pub crawl, inn enthusiasmsing science. you be the specialer. great comedian on comedy central that talks about science and guess who they are. we are fantastic thing next friday night which is our science after hours, incredible evening party for people, we have talk about bringing science for everyone, from the womb, to the tomb, we have got something for you. >> reporter: well, said. you saw me in that giant bubble before i want to bring in this man to show us another experiment that we have, this orange goo like. what are we looking at here. >> so we are holding, puddy made of a special blend. actual what i did doctor
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burtly just talk about one of the events will be polymer tug of war. we have our puddy, which is a i great blend of polymers but as we pull. >> don't throw me back there. >> no, i won't. >> it breaks because it has smaller then what you might find in other sort of puddies, you may have played with at home. >> we will be doing this friday night. it is very dense. it the is a special blend just for the franklin institute. >> very cool. >> it all starts friday, april between the second, it goes through 30th, 90 plus activities, all across the city of philadelphia to get you excited about science and technology. brook and jim, back to you. >> thanks very much. i should point out brook, you had a science scholarship to college. i just learned something new. bravo. >> smart television anchor. >> i'm like wait a minute, it paid for part of my college. i was good in science. >> i set my hair on fire with
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the bunson burn are. >> mercury thermometer. >> yes. >> cbs this morning co anchor charlie rose will hose franklin institute award ceremony tonight. >> i will have a chance to talk to charlie later today, see my interview tomorrow morning on eye witt the necessary news, starting bright and early at 4:30. >> lets get the latest on the the forecast with our other scientists in the room. >> yes, hello. >> katie? >> we have a lot of budding scientists in our eyewitness weathernet work. this morning, absolutely gorgeous, sunrise, it is coming up out there. we wanted to show that to you full screen. this is our camera being taken from our spring garden studios here in philadelphia. the light of the the day already popping up over the horizon. that sun comes up earlier and earlier and earlier with every passing day. low this have time of the year. we can bring you gorgeous shots that much more earlier then all of the morning programs. lets bring you back to the watchers. we are still finding boot the full weather out there today but yesterday, this is a video that came from from
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christopher, at handles ice cream in berwyn out on the main line and look at the line of people waiting to get their ice cream fix on the gorgeous day yesterday. he said he waited in line for 40 minutes to get a hot fudge sunday but he said it was worth it. i cannot blame him there lets go ahead and take you back new to the eyewitness weather watcher map and more current observations, it is chilly. we've got a few 30's in here, 30's. lower 33 in mark in chats word this is a frost advisory in southeastern new jersey. another pair of three a's from eileen. she has a good point here. it is too early to be putting out toe mate he plants in the garden. hold on to that stuff for a little while longer but we are looking at a very mild day here today. storm scan is showing the next thing in line, and that comes in the form of a warm front lifting in. but we are only going to see a few clouds throughout the day here. but can see the moisture picking up across the great lakes and then out toward the midwest, eventually, cold front gets dragged through our area and it comes tomorrow. there could be a shower popping up as early as overnight tonight but
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generally a tomorrow event, and mainly a p.m. event. we have rain amounts, maybe a quarter of an inch but not enough to cause major flash flooding but you might see ponding and could get flood damage with the p.m. drive especially. warm temperatures, we will hit mid 70's with no problem yet again and we will see a few rumbles of thunder as well. it is springtime after all. happy passover. sunset at 7:47 tomorrow evening. the saturday and sunday, upper 60's looking lovely, all of the rain is long gone by this point but it is another banner weekend, meisha, i hope you made outdoor plans. >> i sure d i will be outside all weekend long. even though we will get rain it is 76 degrees, it is still super nice. thanks, katie. good morning everyone. happy thursday. we are looking at schuylkill tail lying moving in the eastbound direction. kind of our first look outside with the beautiful sky line. we have an accident or construction. this is good. it is releasing tension from that eye sore. ninety-five south at girard, levels starting to build, clear so you can see as we push toward 6:00.
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now back to the accident. this is where we have an accident, it the is clearing, and crews are getting this cleared out of the way on 422 eastbound near turnpike pulled off to the shelledder but for a moment there we were seeing because they are trying to maneuver around to get this cleared out of the the way all lanes are block for quite sometime. now it looks like one more lane might be block. until they get this cleared out of the way only time will tell what it will look like but we are seeing gaper delays and volume levels are now there. it is there to slow you down a little bit. this is where we have construction this morning, kelly drive, repaved in both directions, that has been cleared but you sill want to drive safe because we have uneven payment. my producer tim damaged his tire because of uneven pavement there. just make sure here that you drive slow and do you your best caution. brook, over to you. got to tell you, jennifer aniston's still has it. the 47 year-old actress was just named, the most beautiful women in the world by people magazine, again. here's the magazine cover.
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aniston says she was very, very flattered when she found out she won, of course, as i mentioned not her first time holding title of mess beautiful women in the world, she earned this title two years ago when she was still on friends. we have seep a lot of pairties of drake hot line bling, some good, some not so good but now police in canada are using song to teach drivers an important lesson. >> ♪ >> i kind of like it. >> the royal canadian mounted police release that had spoof with what they called cop like bling. they want to remind drivers to slow down and move over when an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road. it is an important message but people want these guys to stick to their day jobs. >> yes. >> and also, you probably remember philly police
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released their own version of hot line bling a few months ago reminding people there are in save the spots during snowstorms. >> yes, digging out hours, dig out their car space and someone would take their spot. not a good thing. you are taking your life in your own hand if you do that in south philadelphia. >> philly police video as great as that one. >> i don't know, i have to review the two and have to vote. it was really good. coming up, we have three things to know today including a popular program that is expanded. >> we will be right
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they are okay after a car crashed right through a shop window but is there more to worry about then broken glass. thinks a reptile shop and several animals escaped when their containers were damaged. is there a day care next door, parent say they are scared. the shop owner say none of them are venomous but he is hoping they will turn up real soon. well, shoppers inside a store noticed the weather turning bad. >> before they know it, deadly tornado hit. this is video inside a shoe store in uruguay. windows blown out, debris, swirling and. the twister killed four people and hurt hundreds more. when you see video like it this the is easy to understand
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why. here three things happening today. it three is to go. >> road to the white house runs through pennsylvania today. birn sanders, donald trump and john kasich all have campaign rally with ace cross the state. >> the flares will hold a memorial today for team owner ed snider. ceremony starts at 1:00 at wells fargo center. >> today is first anniversary of philadelphia's a bike share program. they will celebrate by announcing plans for new stations and bikes around the city and that is three to go. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it looks nothing more than like a hole in the ground but it was hiding something far more complex, why the feds are so interested in what lies beneath. plus now that the spring weather has arrived people are spending more time outdoors working on their yard or getting some exercise and that increases your risk forgetting hurt. doctor jen is here to talk about what you can do to prevent those weekend warrior injuries, next.
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all eyes are on pennsylvania as the presidential candidate, start campaigning before tuesday's primary. find out where they will be today. there is a lot to talk about in philadelphia sports this morning. from a blockbuster deal involving a possible new quarterback for the eagles to the flyers, keeping the playoffs alive with a win.
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hear what wip's angelo cataldi has to say about all of the fuss but here's a hint, he is not happy. a royal birthday see how queen elizabeth is celebrating her 90th today, today is thursday, april 21st, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brook thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. we have a couple accidents and construction out there. >> thankfully, meisha, it looks like weather will cooperate for to us day. we don't have have to worry about rain just yet, that will be something that changes with time. we will look outside. i will start off by taking you back here to a gorgeous shot, of the moon, and the moon is actually call pink moon today, not necessarily, because it looks pink but it kind of does this morning but it is a full moon and it is call the pink moon in april because it symbolizes start of the spring and pink flowers that bloom this time of the year. isn't that awesome that shot. at this point it i


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